Osman Abshir is a student studying public health, in his free time Osman loves to travel many cities in Somalia, and loves photography, his documentation of Somalia is not the usual images you see in media, this is his story.

The Somali police headquarters in Mogadishu (the blue building)  (The white building is a well known hotel Named SYL)

The parking outside the police station.

Inside the Police Station, 3rd floor.

Villa Somalia, The Presidential Palace

The houses under the Presidential Palace are also owned by the government (Villa Somalia is on top of the hill) (also the yellow wall is the Presidential wall)

This is also villa Somalia the yellow wall continues for few miles these are the offices of the ministries and other government officials.

This building was previously occupied by the US embassy in Mogadishu before the civil war it’s located in-front of the Central Bank of Somalia

This light house was built by the Italian colonists , its located in radio Mogadishu near Villa Somalia.

This is a regular apartment building in degmada Shangaani near Old Port in Mogadishu


This used to be Theatre known as (shaleemo Soomaali)

And bonus – Mogadishu from above


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