Update: Thank you for every who supported us, the GoFundMe page is now closed as the Exhibition has been competed. The journey was surreal and amazing and we wanted to thank you all, for believing in us.

Somali Architecture will be the official representatives of Somalia at the London Design Biennale. We are a collective of young Somalis passionate about historical conservation and architecture. Our exhibit, What Remains, will cover the unique history of architecture in the country as well as offer new designs for the future. We now need your help to make the exhibit possible!

Short Summary:

What Remains is an exhibit designed by Somali Architecture for the London Design Biennale. It asks, what remains when the war is over? The exhibition presents Somalia’s architectural heritage from the vantage point of today’s ruins. It reflects upon the visceral emotions evoked by the collapsing both past and present in the remains of the war. In considering the history of Somali architecture, What Remains is committed to designing new sustainable futures for the country’s reconstruction.

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