Perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean in Mogadishu’s Old Harbor, this lighthouse still stands tall.

The Mogadishu lighthouse, The crumbling Italian Lighthouse perched on the edge of Mogadishu’s Old Harbor was built over a century ago and abandoned some 20 years ago as trade dried up and the failed state of Somalia descended. It is one of the landmark buildings of Mogadishu, even after it has been largely reduced to ruins during the war: the lighthouse of the city. Now it stands as a reminder of the spectacular city Mogadishu once was, a bullet-pocked shell left to rot as a haven for homeless fishermen. “Yet amid the exoskeletons of banks and cathedrals and luxury hotels overlooking a glimmering coastline that once buzzed with pleasure boats, awful truth dawn. Mogadishu was never like other African cities. Mogadishu was a spectacular city. Even in its disfigurement, the beauty is still there. Robert Draper, National Geographic This lost elegance only serves to make the fate of the Mogadishu Lighthouse all the more heart-rending, a sad end for a building that once stood for safety and security. For some, of course, it still does. Once a landmark and still landmark this is one of the most known buildings that is still ruined in Mogadishu

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