About Somali Architecture

Somali Architecture (SA) is run by Yusuf Shegow and Madina Scacchi. Founded by Yusuf in 2015, SA started as platform where we shared images of pre-war Somalia and evolved into a research project where we recreated these buildings into 3D form. From individual buildings to 5 districts in Mogadishu and other cities in Somalia we are currently working on.

After our inception in 2015 SA grew across the globe, united by the same passion for Somalia “Architecture”. It is now clear that cities cannot afford the rise of buildings without careful planning. The only way to pursue a conscious and coherent design is to make everyone aware of the historical heritage now exist in Somalia and how to turn that into a strength to be exploited. Its the only way to preserve the identity and authenticity of a city and prepare for the bases for a modern necessary development. The remains of Somali Architecture post-war is fundamental it is through understanding history that you can achieve conscious modernity. Our ambition is to restore everything from the past and to preserve the heritage as traces of what happened.